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So I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately concerning thoughts of unprofessionalism concerning natural hair. In short, many people feel they are judged by their jobs, friends, families, boyfriends/girlfriends for the way they choose to wear their hair.  

For this reason, they struggle with thoughts that their hair is unpolished, unkempt and just plain ugly.  To this I say, THINK AGAIN.  In my experience, I’ve always had people have their 2 cents about my hair but I’ve also learned how to treat it well and take the best possible care of it.  With this I created my OWN definition of professional natural hair and what I believe looks good to me.  In my professional world as a professor and psychologists I am often judged.  However, I have found my natural hair is usually not negatively talked about by everyone, in my experience it has been my African American counterparts which used to puzzle and bother me.  But I have also learned over the years that this has subsided as more education about natural hair has become more abundant.  There is still a lot of work to be done concerning this.  Can you relate to this?  What has been your experience with people saying your hair is or is not professional?

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