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I was a little disturbed this week after finding out about a new show that the oxygen network has brewed.  Well if your haven’t heard, all us ex-fat girls are now out for revenge.  Read about the show below.

After doing research, this is what I have found out about the show:

"This is not another weight loss or makeover show, it’s a series about settling the score after the pounds have been shed. Each episode follows two new inspiring and unapologetic women, who were once discounted, humiliated and rejected because of their weight, as they stand up to their bullies and finally get even. After getting healthy, these former ‘fat girls’ get the chance to live out their fantasies and seek payback against their former offenders from ex-boyfriends, former classmates to even members of their own families. For those who inflicted the hurt, revenge is going to be something they never expected, but for these women, this golden opportunity for transformation and retribution will empower them to move forward from their painful past."

Now many might be geeked about the show, but what I see is a serious psychological problem brewing.  The ladies who are engaging in this show are clearly still hung up on what people from their past think about them.  Furthermore, they must be mistaken about what they will receive from taking revenge.  If the people they run into are still miserable, they will do everything in their power to ensure the newly fit ladies feel just as bad about themselves as they did in the past! In short, oxygen is setting these women up for failure.  The best and only revenge in so live their lives amazingly golden.  Stay fit spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

My thought is, these ladies will probably gain their weight back immidiately after they find their “revenge” doesn’t give them lasting happiness……

Your thoughts?

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